Thursday, 27 December 2012

Mahiki Madness

2012 has been a pretty big year on the birthday front for me and my friends – it’s time for the big     1 8!  We’ve celebrated a lot over the few months and this week, my friend Rosie decided to celebrate in style, so she booked all 8 of us a table at Mahiki!

Happy 18th Birthday Rosie

Mahiki is one of London’s best known nightclubs, with regular attendees being Prince Harry, Cheryl Cole and Nicole Sherzinger (to name a few).  It has a Hawaiian theme running throughout the club along with the infamous Mahiki Treasure Chest!  Unfortunately we didn't get a treasure chest, but we did manage this...
Our magmum belvedere bottle worth £385!!
Getting a bit too excited over the alcohol...

I wore a friends dress from Topshop with my much loved JC Litas (see my last post) and decided to curl my hair for a bit of a change!

Me and the gorgeous birthday girl!
The gang (minus Fia)
Me and my best friend Sarah

After an amazing night we bundled into taxis and went back to Rosie’s where we crawled into bed and woke up the next morning feeling slightly worse for wear... slightly being an understatement! 

So thankyou very much Mahiki for a brilliant night out and a banging headache in the morning, and here's to more birthday celebrations in 2013!

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